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Playing for Keeps: A Superhero Novel

Sunday, August 17th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Playing for Keeps: A Superhero NovelPlaying for Keeps: A Superhero Novel was first released in podcast and pdf form on playingforkeepsnovel.com. My first exposure to it was the podcast version, which is read by the author, Mur Lafferty. The paper version was recently released.

PfK is about group of people that are part of the Third Wave of superheroes. The Third Wavers have super powers, but their powers are kind of lame. Their powers are so weak that they’re considered useless in crime fighting. The main character is Keepsie Branson. Her power is that anything that she owns can’t be taken away from her. Third Wavers are looked down on by the powerful superheroes.

The Third Wavers get involved in a battle between the heroes and the villains in the city. As the story goes on, they learn that their powers are stronger than they initially realized. I really enjoyed the book. It makes me think that characters like Dazzler might not be so worthless after all. Next, I’m reading Headcrash.

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